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Today’s topic is: Thanksgiving freebie — tell us what you are thankful for! Books you are thankful for!

Happy American Thanksgiving!

I’m Canadian. We have Thanksgiving in October. I honestly can’t remember why. I also have no idea why you Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. But I’m all about being thankful, spending time with family, and eating pumpkin pie.

I went to school right near the border between the USA and Canada with lots of American students. AND, my best friend is American. I’ve celebrated American Thanksgiving a few times. In uni, the parents of a girl in my hallway drove up with thanksgiving dinner (turkey, pie, all the fixings) from Seattle to near Vancouver, BC, for all 32 of us girls. It was an awesome evening!

Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it or not, is a great reminder to think about the things you’re thankful for. For me, the following list is made of things I’m thankful for and that I think most bookworms (if they have these) are thankful for too.

1. Parents who encouraged me to read

My dad loves to read. Loves it. He’s definitely where I get my love of reading from. Both my parents have always encouraged my love of reading and supported my obsession with (and need for) books. They read to me when I was little and gladly took me to the library and bookstores. Growing up, a huge percentage of my birthday and Christmas gifts were books. I’m so, so, so thankful for their encouragement. And now that I write about books, well, they support that too.

2. Pretty shelves to stare at lovingly

Admit it. You do it. I do it too. We stare at our bookshelves. We spend hours arranging them just so. Then stare and smile. Then we rearrange. And we stare and smile again.

3. Gorgeous, themed bookmarks

Remember when you were a kid and got bookmarks everywhere? Nowadays, I’m more particular about my bookmarks. I’ll be honest–I still use receipts and plane tickets and post-it notes as bookmarks when I need to. But, pretty book marks with quotes or flowers or images of old library cards… I love me a pretty bookmark. These are also fabulous (and inexpensive) gifts.

4. Book sales!

My favourite two things about elementary school were silent reading time and Scholastic book sales. Now, I love sales at the book store and charity book sales. So. Much. Fun. I love the adventure of scrounging around a warehouse full of books that have been donated by fellow readers. It’s always super interesting to see what you’ll find. And, knowing that my book purchase is helping a local charity makes the purchase even better.

5. Libraries

As kids, they’re super fun places to go because they’re full of books and games and activities. As adults, they’re super fun places to go because they’re full of books, and more books, and awesome resources. I save a lot of money by using my library. It’s one of the best ways to try a new author or series without the commitment of buying . I also love how much libraries do for communities with free resources and training.

6. Friends (and family) who recommend books

I have a few friends that I trust completely for book recommendations. And, my dad, as I mentioned earlier is a dedicated reader who, when he recommends a book to me, is always on point. When someone who knows me so well recommends a book to me, I get filled with warm fuzzies. It’s pretty great.

7. Friends (and family) who lend books

It’s even greater when those friends and family lend those suggested books to me. I adore sharing books that I love with people who I think will like it. And when someone trusts me with their books (their precious babies!), I always feel honoured. Thank you friends (most recently, Kat!) for lending me your books.

8. Friends to discuss books with

There are a few people in my life (aside from bookish folks online) who I can squee over or dissect books with. They are so valuable and I am so thankful for them. I know I can call or text them any time to discuss a book or a character or a storyline. And, the occasional lunch in the middle of the workday to chat books is also wonderful!

9. A partner who brings you on bookstore dates

Yup. That’s right. Bookstore dates. I’m so thankful that my husband invites me out to bookstores for date night. I’m thankful that I can wander a bookstore, hand-in-hand with him and feast my eyes on all the pretty books, with no schedule to keep. It’s pretty great.

10. A partner who sits with you while you read

There are many evenings during which my husband and I just sit next to each other, each with our book or laptop, and we just read silently, together. It’s nice. I’m thankful that we can spend quality time with each other in a way that we both enjoy so much. It is restful. It is peaceful. It is simply, wonderful.


What are you thankful for?

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