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Today’s topic is: Ten Characters I’d Name A Dog After 

I don’t have  dog. Yet.

I’ve always wanted one. And one day I will have one. Here are some possible names for him, brainstormed together with my hubs (hence all the sci-fi and fantasy).

1. Frodo

From Lord of the Rings. I just really like saying Frodo. He’s not my favourite character, by far. But I like saying the name. Also, calling Froooooo-doooooo, at a dog park sounds really fun. I picture this dog as brown with really shaggy, kind of curly fur.

2. Samwise

Also from Lord of the Rings. I like Sam a lot more than Frodo. He’s super sweet and loyal. And very food motivated. I picture this dog to be a fairer colour, but still shaggy. He is named after a hobbit, after all.

3. Pippin

Are you catching my theme yet? Also from Lord of the Rings, also a hobbit. I just think hobbits and dogs seem to have a lot of similar characteristics. They’re lovable. They’re small. They’re hairy. They love food and mischief.

4. Merry

Basically, if I had two dogs, I’d named them Pippin and Merry. They are such a great duo!

5. Gandalf

If I were to adopt an old, grey pup, I’d probably nickname him Gandalf. He would watch Merry and Pippin wrestle and would just stay out of it until something goes awry. Then he would wander over, slowly, and pick one of the puppies up by the scruff of their neck and pull him away from the other.

6. Chunk

I know, it’s a movie. But Chunk was one of my favourite characters in Goonies. He’s so sweet and adorable. Chunk would be the big, tubby dog waddling down the sidewalk.

7. Caspian

From C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. This is definitely a name for a fancy purebred dog. He would be a regal dog. And tall. And short-haired. And probably grey.

8. Professor (X)

From X-men comics. I’m thinking a Jack Russell Terrier. He be a smart dog. A too smart dog.

9. Marvin

The sad (and hilarious!) robot from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. He’s adorable. Can you imagine a dog with huge puppy dog eyes? They’d be blue, I think.

10. Hagrid

From Harry Potter, obviously. Hagrid would be a big shaggy mutt!


One day I will have a dog. And he might very well have one of these names.

What characters would you name a dog after? Or have you already done so?

  1. Whatever you pick, you have to do to the Calling test – go stand outside (or in the dogpark) and yell it out five times, and if it doesn’t sound dumb, you can pick it. XD

    MERRY AND PIPPIN WOULD BE SO CUTE!!! And Frodo would be adorable on a puppy too. 😀 I’ve always thought it’d be great to have a black cat named Loki and a golden retriever named Thor. XD

    • Go read them! I actually really enjoyed them. It took me two times to like the movies, but that’s because I didn’t understand what was going on… I read the books after. And Merry and Pippin are two adorable hobbits who are best buds. They always make me smile. Merry’s full name is Meriadoc Brandybuck. 🙂

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