There are so many books I want to read. My TBR list never seems to get smaller. I’m sure your list is the same way.

When I go into bookstores, I tend to take photos of books that look interesting or have pretty covers. I like to add those to my Book Wishlist board on Pinterest or my to read list on Goodreads. I also want to share them here with you, and give you a little bit of info about why I want to read it.

Today’s book I want to read is Smoke by Dan Vyleta.

I saw this book while on a bookstore date with my husband. (That’s right. We go on dates to the bookstore. It’s pretty fantastic.) The cover of this one completely grabbed me. I adore simple and sleek cover designs. And then…then I read the back cover–I was hooked. A gorgeous cover and a super intense sounding plot about good and evil and rich and poor. Set in historical England with magical realism–smoke coming out of people to demonstrate their wickedness? Awesome! This smoke causing a divide between rich and poor? Even better!

This book is definitely on my wish list. I think it will be incredibly engaging and full of world-building and conflict.

book cover of Smoke by Dan Vyleta

Have you read Smoke? What did you think?

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