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Today’s topic is: Ten activities that pair perfectly with audiobooks (or rather, the prompt was All About Audio freebie)

I love audio books. I fell in love with them when I walked 40 minutes each way to work. They were my saving grace, keeping my mind occupied on my sometimes freezing walk, and giving my brain a gentle wake up on my commute. I found I really enjoy first person narratives on audio and, of course, books read by their authors. And, since my initial Audible subscription was for two credits a month (and I NEEDED to know what happened next), I discovered other activities that paired perfectly with my audio books.

1. Road trips (duh!)

This is a given if you grew up like I did and your parents decided to drive across the country when you were eight. And friends, the middle part of Canada is boring to drive though. BORING. It is flat. Flat. Flat. Flat. A tree was exciting to see. We listened to stories on tape then. Now, when I drive the hour and a half to visit my parents by myself I immediately put on an audio book to keep me awake and entertained.

2. Cleaning the bathroom

Who likes doing this? Really? It’s necessary and it’s not fun. But it’s more fun when you have an audio book playing in the back ground. I usually play it on my phone just outside the bathroom so it’s safe from splashing. I had a bad experience with a cell phone and a toilet once…

3. Sweeping and dusting

Also necessary, but also kind of boring. Spice up your cleaning routine with a fast paced audio book and you’ll want to sweep even more. Just make sure your headphone cord is not going to get caught by the end of the broomstick. That hurts.

4. Folding laundry

Oh look! More chores. Funny how as readers we constantly try to add reading into the every day tasks we have to do. Fold your laundry while Harry battles Voldemort. I promise, it makes matching up your husband’s socks much less annoying–the longer the laundry takes, the longer you get to read!

5. Commuting

I ride a train for a good 50 minutes every morning. Then I walk another 10. When I have an audiobook, no reading time is wasted and I can easier tune out the weird conversations people have on their cell phones in close quarters…

6. Sunbathing

Reading while relaxing on the beach is lovely. But sometimes holding that book up gets tiring and it blocks those sunshiney rays from evenly baking you, and when your eyes are open, people try to talk to you. An audio book lets you pretend to be asleep, close your eyes and lay back in the perfect position to get that perfect all over tan (or just ignore the people around you).

7. Bubble baths

We’ve all seen what happens when paper meets water. We’ve also all had those awful arm cramps from holding our book up with nothing to rest our elbows on. Fully enjoy the relaxation of a bath by closing your eyes, letting your hands sink into the warm, sudsy water, and listening to someone else read a story to you.

8. Colouring

Need to relax even more? Put on an audio book and grab those coloured pencils! My new favourite is my Jane Austen colouring book. Reading is relaxing. Colouring is relaxing. Doing both at the same time must be double relaxing. 🙂

9. Walking

I love walking. And like I mentioned earlier, I started listening to audiobooks when I had a long walking commute to work. Now, I walk and listen to get some exercise and relax.

10. Painting your nails

Does anyone else out there completely ruin their nail polish before even finishing it? Yeah… I get bored waiting for it to dry. So, I listen to audio books and at least then I’m still making progress on my TBR while sitting still unable to move or touch anything.

the only time a woman is helpless is when her nail polish is drying

How do you audio book?

  1. Great post! I love audiobooks and they were perfect for all the long road trips with the circus. I listened to quite a few fiction books but I found that lectures from The Great Courses series actually kept my attention (and kept me awake haha) the most.
    Sometimes I listen as I’m falling asleep but then I have to rewind and figure out what I missed the next day. I wish there was a way to set a sleep timer haha

  2. Peeling potatoes! Picking beans! Pickling beans! All terribly boring, unless you boot up Overdrive and get on that latest audiobook from the library. Then you actually want the activity to last *longer*…

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