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Today’s topic is: REWIND – Do a Top Ten Tuesday You Missed: Ten Facts About Me 

This was A LOT more difficult than I expected. I actually tried to do it weeks ago when it was initially posted, but when I sat down to write this, my brain immediately started freaking out. What facts about me are interesting? What will people actually care to learn? Gah! I’m boring. You know, that kind of thing.

But, I persevered. I managed to come up with ten things. Hopefully, this little list interesting to you.

Here are the ten facts about me, Trisha from trishajennreads, in no particular order:


I have a twin brother and we look NOTHING alike.

Even better, his name is Tristan. That’s right: Trisha and Tristan. He’s pretty great though. He competed in a triathlon yesterday and crushed it!

I’m a certified open water scuba diver.

I love being underwater and exploring the world down there. It’s so pretty. I’ve dove in Hawaii, Jamaica, and Mexico.

I once helped construct a library.

In 2008, I went to Tanzania with a group of university students to help build a community library in an eco village.

My husband proposed with a copy of Pride & Prejudice.

It’s my favourite novel. He knew that. And he tricked me into showing him a copy from my shelf. But it wasn’t my copy…it was one he had put there. And it had a diamond ring in it. 🙂

I only started reading Harry Potter because of an assignment and a used bookstore.

I had no interest in the books when they were first coming out. I even watched the first movie and was like, meh. But about five years ago I needed to read a book for a children’s literature class and stumbled upon a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in a used bookstore for only a few dollars. I was hooked.

I once wrote a play.

I took a playwriting class in university and wrote a 60 minute play about forgiveness and healing.

I studied ballet for nearly 20 years.

I once dreamed of being a professional dancer. But, my love of books and reading got in the way (I spent more time reading and writing than I did practicing my dances)! I still love ballet, still take classes occasionally, and still go watch performances.

I hate mustard. Despise it.

I think mustard is disgusting. I hated it so much when I was a kid, that I wouldn’t even touch the mustard bottle.

My husband and I just bought our very first house.

It’s SO PRETTY! This house is so much nicer than I thought our first house would be. We found a brand new home that fit in our price range and met our list of needs and wants. It’s been fun setting it up and figuring out where to put things. Oh, and having lots of friends over for visiting now that we have lots of space.

I’ve already finished my reading goal for the year.

I kept my goal the same as last year, 50 books. Apparently, I’ve read a lot more than I expected to. I’ve already completed 54 and I’ve got a lot more reading I want to do. My longer commute time from our move is definitely helping.

  1. Fascinating facts, Trisha! Gosh it must be nice to have already completed your reading goal this year. Congratulations. Plus your husband sounds really sweet, proposing with the Pride and Prejudice copy. Talk about getting a lady to swoon. 🙂

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