I signed up for Camp NaNoWrimo this year. Unfortunately, I’m not doing as well as I hoped. I started out somewhat strong but alas, life and laziness got in the way.

I’ve just changed my Camp Nano goal–from 50,000 words to 15,000 words.

It makes me sad. But, I realize that I have some legitimate reasons for not making it to the grand 50,000 words.

1. I did no planning for this round of Camp Nano.

None. I had an idea–two sentences–and a paragraph of notes. That’s it. Lesson learned: plan for next time. At the very least, have some plot points and a little research under my belt. I planned to do some planning. But I went on vacation RIGHT before Nano started, and as we all know, beach vacations are for reading not writing…right?!

I had aimed to do an exploratory draft. But, with no research and such a tiny spark of an idea, it was hard to focus on getting words on the page. I kept wanting to research. But, I couldn’t get at the reference book I had in mind. Because…

2. I moved. On June 30. Into a new house. On a long weekend.

Between all the craziness of moving, plus all the visitors and the long weekend bbqs, life was super busy. And all my books are STILL in storage because moving takes a ton of time and energy and at some point you just want to say WAIT–LET ME REST FOR A BIT. Hence, over two weeks after the move, my books are still in my husband’s cousin’s basement, and thus, my reference book is there too.

3. New commute = tired Trisha

With our move, we are a lot farther away from work. Between the stress of moving and the stress of figuring out a new commute, I haven’t had a lot of energy to write. Oh, and my new commute is a little longer than I anticipated, and requires leaving the house at 6:45 AM…which is when I used to get up. But there is a plus side to the commute…

4. So many library books!

The day I returned from my vacation, which also happened to be two days before we moved, my library app let me know that three books were waiting for me at the library and that if I didn’t pick them up that day, I would be charged. Apparently they’d been waiting for me while I was on a beach in Cancun. So.. I had to go pick them up. I’d been waiting for these books for months. MONTHS! The books were: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas (576 pages), Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas (648 pages), and The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson (423 pages). Library books have deadlines. There are other people waiting for these books. I HAD to read them. And…I got so absorbed in the stories that I didn’t get any writing done. So far this month, I’ve read both Sara J. Maas books and I’m about 30% through the Rae Carson.

5. People! Visitors! Parties!

We’ve had so many visitors by to see our new house. It’s been really nice to see people. But, alas, it also pulls me away from writing time. And drains my energy so that writing after the guests leave is super difficult. And now, this week, my best friend from Seattle is coming to town for our other lovely friend’s wedding. I’m helping with decorating and event management all Friday and Saturday and then spending much needed girl time with the bestie on Sunday. My plan is to write a crap ton on Monday after I savour the last sweet moments being in the same country as her and drop her off at the airport.

I’ve learned a lot about writing this month.

Planning, at least a little bit before I write fiction, is a necessity.

I need to schedule my writing time and force myself to sit and write. AND allow my accountability buddies to hold me accountable.

I need to keep trying to find that right idea that I can’t not write.

It’s okay to fail sometimes. I failed at nano this round–at least in terms of my original goal. I still aim to try and meet the new goal. That’s the great thing about Camp Nano.

Before attempting another Nano, the month’s blog posts must be scheduled and ready to go. I’m sorry, dear readers, for neglecting you this month. I hope that my honesty in this post has resonated with you. I promise to try to do better in the future–to keep this blog going steady and strong, even in the wildest and rockiest and busiest of daily life.

Thank you for reading this far. Thank you for your encouragement.

Are you doing Camp Nano? Please! Tell me about your experience.


  1. Eheh, yeah. This is my first Camp Nano project that I’ve *upped* the word count, from 10,000 to 19,000 – and that’s because I’m not writing, as in creating original prose, but doing a translation (German to English) of someone else’s work. With that, all the text is a given, and I just have to type it, pretty much. With any other kind of work, but especially real writing, I always (always, always) bite off more than I can chew, and adjust the word count downwards. So, with the stuff you’ve had going on – moving, company, etc – I’d say you’re doing well if you get *anything* done, never mind 50k.

    • Congrats on upping your goal! That’s awesome! And thanks. I don’t want to sound like a whiner, but I felt the need to be honest. Here’s to getting even a little bit of writing done. 🙂

  2. Yay for honesty! Congratulations on turning those excuses into reasons! (They go back to being excuses if you have to use them again.) I have been working very hard on my WIP but, strange to say, in the opposite direction. I have gone from 124 000 words to 84 000. I am pleased with the result and it is all due to your wonderful, caring, inspiring, detailed editing. Thank you from the depths of my heart.
    All life experience goes into your WIP. If you did not mature, neither would your characters. And did anyone ever tell you that rest is hard work? There are parts of your body and brain that go into overdrive when the rest of it stops moving. Rest is not a sin. God set aside a whole day for Himself.

  3. I’m sorry to hear Camp Nano didn’t work out for you, but LIFE HAPPENS! <3 I think you're very much still trying to work out the best way for you to write things and this was just part of that. So it wasn't a failure just because you didn't make the word count. It was a partial success because you know a little more about how you need to proceed on this project or the next. 🙂

    (Also moving is like, mega exhausting and time consuming and you're amazing for getting *any* writing done during all this.)

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