Wednesday Writing Prompt (WWP) is a biweekly challenge for you and for me. I post a writing prompt on Wednesday morning and a response to it on Thursday. Then anyone who wants to participate can write a 250 to 500 word scene or story in response to it. Let’s see where this wacky world of writing takes us!


This week’s writing prompt was

“How long have you been sitting there?”
“Longer than you’d think.”


“How long have you been sitting there.”

“Longer than you’d think.”

“Who are you?”

“Oh, no one.”

Jenna looked around the room, moving only her eyes. She took a deep breath in through her nose and released it slowly out of her mouth. That’s how Dr. Kenit had told her to breathe when she saw strange things.

She closed her eyes slowly on the out-breath.

When she opened her eyes, the girl was still there. Jenna had never seen her before. But the girl seemed very comfortable in Jenna’s bedroom. She was sitting on the windowsill, swinging her short, little legs forward and back, forward and back, forward and back. Her minuscule black shoes were leaving tiny dark smudges on the wall’s yellow paint. Jenna would get in trouble for that.

“Um,” Jenna said.

“Um, what?” the girl responded. Her face was open. Friendly. But there was something strange, unsettling, in her eyes.

“Um.” Jenna said more forcefully, this time. “Why are you in my room?” She forced herself to keep her eyes focused on the girl’s face and not on the peach carpet.

“‘Cause I like it here.”

“You…you like it here? What’s that supposed to mean. Just because you like it somewhere, doesn’t mean you can be there any time you want. This is my room and I didn’t invite you in here.” Jenna felt her torso lean forward on that last sentence, challenging the girl to explain herself more fully.

The girl straightened from her slouched position. It was as if someone had slowly tugged an invisible cord from the top of her head straight up to the ceiling. Her back lengthened, her neck stretched long, and her chin levelled with the floor.

“I can come here any time I want. It was my room first.” Her voice had lost it’s dreamy tone. It no longer flowed. Now it stung the air like a just-missed snap from a terrier with small-dog syndrome.

Jenna’s breathing sped up again.

“This might be your room now,” the girl stood up and faced Jenna squarely. “But it was my room before that. It was my room before it all happened. And I like to come here to remember the way things were before.”

Jenna’s breathing stopped.

She knew what had happened. Everyone in town knew what had happened. But that had been twenty-seven years ago. And this girl is the one that it happened to.

The girl cocked her head to the right. She looked right at the fear in Jenna’s eyes and slowly smiled.

“Ah. You know who I am.” Her smile grew. “You know what I did.”

Jenna nodded and tried to swallow the lump blocking her throat.

  1. She found him at three in the morning, of all places, handcuffed to a rusty jungle gym on Kierdiian.

    “Jack?” River called out. Though his tracker indicated he was here, she didn’t immediately spot him until she drew closer.

    “Oh, thank the stars – here!” he shouted in response.

    River stowed her tablet in her bag and hurried over the grass and gravel. Somehow it didn’t surprise her to find him naked save a pair of black boxer shorts. He craned his head to look up at her and relief flooded his features.

    “It’s about time – I was starting to worry no one would find me and I’d be here when the sun came up.” He huffed out a sigh. “I really wasn’t looking forward to getting arrested for this.”

    She bit back a laugh. “How long have you been sitting here?”

    “Longer than you’d think.”

    River looked him up and down. “Well, this is a bit… compromising, isn’t it?” She couldn’t stop the amusement from spreading across her face.

    Jack grimaced. “Yeah, well. It could’ve been worse.”

    “Oh,” River agreed. “It can always be worse.” She covered her mouth and stifled a giggle that turned into chest-shaking laugh.

    Jack shook his head. “You’re thinking about Udapau, aren’t you.”

    “Can you blame me?” River said when she’d regained control of herself. As long as she lived, she wouldn’t be able to forget the sight of Jack, not a stitch of clothing on him, running flat out across the desert away from a Morguile beast. She inhaled and wiped the tears from eyes.

    “All right, all right, I’m a disaster, I know.” He jangled his handcuffed wrists. “Anytime you want to let me out, that’d be great.”

    River took pity on him and retrieved a bobby pin from her utility belt. She made quick work of the cuffs’ lock and Jack rubbed his wrists gratefully once he was freed.

    “What was it this time?” she asked, helping him to his feet. “Or, should I say, who?” She raised an eyebrow at him as she punched the coordinates for her ship into the vortex manipulator strapped to her left forearm.

    Jack sighed and at least had the decency to look a little ashamed of himself for once. “Well, there were three and I thought we were going back to her planet for some fun, on his ship, with a stopover at the Yqisse bar, but one thing led to another, and there was a little – ”

    River held her hand up. “On second thought, I really don’t need the details. I suppose you don’t have the gemstone anymore?”

    He winced.

    “Ah.” So that’s why he was guiltily avoiding her eyes.

    She led them to the trees that ringed the playground and stopped behind a robust elm. She linked her arm with Jack’s and readied her finger above the manipulator.

    “You’re gonna tell him about this, aren’t you?” Jack grumbled.

    River shot him a wide smile. “Darling, of course I am.”

    • Gah! You threw some really intriguing things in here! I want more! Who are these people? What is their relationship? What is Kierdiian? What is Udapau and a Morguile beast? What is a vortex manipulator? It sounds cool. What is this gemstone and why is it important? And who is this him they mention? So many exciting questions!! 😆

      • Heeeee!!!! Thank you!!!!

        Although, I have to admit that this is fanfic, haha – the idea popped into my head instantly the second I read your prompt, so I went with it!! It’s two characters from Doctor Who, but they actually never met in the show, so I decided they should, and they should be pals, jumping around the galaxy together. The vortex manipulator is how the Time Agents (what Jack is) get around in time. But I made up the rest!! The beast and the names and the gemstone and them being on some adventure together and having a ship et al. I wanted the scene to feel like getting dropped in the middle of something, so it sounds like I achieved that at least, hehe.

        And the “him” is, of course, the Doctor. ;D

        • (sorry for random the interrupting comment)
          River and Jack would be so unbelievably adorable together! I would love to read how Jack constantly learns to pick everything else apart that he’s cuffed to because he can’t pick cuffs (although, I thought he could pick locks? “Out of necessity” or something?). Learning the innards of radiators after River lets him go that at least next time, if it’s a radiator, he can just take it apart.
          But really, watching Jack flirt his way out of situations is the best.
          / fangirl rant

          • HEY FELLOW WHOVIAN!!

            Right?? Honestly I refuse to believe that they never went on a bunch of timey wimey adventures together. Just by the mere fact that they both ran with the Doctor, and he was a Time Agent, there’s all kinds of possibility for out-of-order meetings. Plus the idea of them bombing around the galaxy stealing things and/or helping people is just too good for it not to be a thing, amiright?

            Jack probably was in the process of extricating himself, with some measure of difficulty, when River showed up to rescue him in this. XD Had some random person happened upon him, I guarantee he would’ve been flirting his way out, hehe!

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