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Book: Hippopotamister
Author: John Patrick Green
Publisher: First Second Books
Release Date: May 10, 2016
Genre: Children’s Graphic Novel

Synopsis: The zoo isn’t what it used to be. It’s run-down and falling apart. Hippo hardly ever gets any visitors. So he decides to set off for the outside with his friend Red Panda. To make it in the human world, Hippo will have to become a Hippopotamister: he’ll have to act like a human, get a job, and wear a hat as a disguise. He’s a good employee, whether he’s a construction worker, a hair stylist, or a sous chef. But what he really needs is a job where he can be himself.

My rating: 5 stars out of 5

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This book is absolutely adorable. It is the perfect combination of silly, funny, and sweet! I can’t wait to read it with my nephew.

Book cover for HIPPOPOTAMISTER by John Patrick GreenThe Format

John Patrick Green has done a phenomenal job crafting an early reader version of the graphic novel.

This book is beautiful. The illustrations are colourful and intricate without being overwhelming. There is a simplicity in the design that includes finely tuned layers that create complete images to tell the story in visual ways.

Each spread has between one and four panels and so is easy to follow along. There is pleasant variety between spread layouts to move the story along and maintain a fun pace.

The colours embody the mood of the story as it changes and progresses from a gloomy rundown zoo to various workplace and then to a vibrant and celebratory conclusion.

Overall, I just want to keep slowly flipping through the pages. This book is definitely designed to give kids lots to look at and keep their attention by always providing something new to find in the illustrations.

The Story

Hippo follows his friend Red Panda around town trying out different jobs. It’s silly and fun to HIPPOPOTAMISTER DENTISTimagine a hippopotamus disguising himself, and with only a hat, at that! But it’s adorable and I can see the giggles coming from kids as they follow Hippo’s adventures through different jobs and the silly mess-ups that he and Red Panda find themselves in.

Easy to read, the story includes mostly dialogue (great for funny read-aloud voices!) with a little bit of narration here and there. As is key for comic books / graphic novels, it relies on the visuals to give details and movement – and comedy.

The story is funny. But it’s also sweet. Hippo and Panda learn a lot about themselves. Hippo learns about his skills and about the potential he has to make a difference, and help his friends and his zoo. That said, it’s not a preachy story at all. It’s simply fun, funny, and moves at a good pace toward a satisfying ending.

About the Author

John Patrick Green grew up on Long Island and has worked in New York City since graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a degree in graphic design. He was the comics consultant for Disney Adventures magazine, where he wrote and often drew the popular Last Laugh feature. John is the co-creator and illustrator of the graphic novel series Jax Epoch and the Quicken Forbidden and Teen Boat!, both with writer Dave Roman. He has also worked as a writer, illustrator, or designer on comics and graphic novels for Nickelodeon Magazine, DreamWorks, Scholastic Graphix, and DC Comics. John lives in Brooklyn with zero cats and way too many LEGOs.

A Super Silly Read For All

If you (and any kids in your life) like to laugh, then this is a great book to add to your shelf. It will inspire imagination and dress-up and games and silliness.

This book could even be used by teachers to talk about different occupations and about animals and zoos.

I really, really enjoyed this book, hence the five star rating. Seriously. It made me giggle. Out loud. My husband thought I was crazy.

Does Hippopotamister look like a book you’d enjoy?

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