These books. These. Books. THESE BOOKS.

I can’t express how much I enjoyed these. It’s cliche to say, but I had so much trouble putting them down. They are intense. They are romantic. They are sweet. They are hot and heavy. They are cruel.

I first discovered the wondrous writing of Sarah J. Maas just this past Christmas. I’d seen bits and pieces about Throne of Glass online and it sounded so interesting and badass, so I put it on my book wish list. My Bookish Secret Santa put it under my tree and I was hooked. One day a few months ago, as I was slowly reading through that series (still ongoing as my library only has so many copies of each), a friend clued me in that the A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR) ebook was on sale for $1.99. I took a look and discovered a whole other world created by Sarah J. Maas.

A book full of EPIC.

When I finally picked up ACOTAR I realized how different this book was from every other Beauty and the Beast retelling I’d ever read. And I loved it. And I immediately asked my husband to use his Amazon Prime account (hello free shipping!) to pre-order A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) for me. And it too, was wonderful. Even more wonderful that ACOTAR.

I dragged ACOMAF out for six days. That book is a beast (624 pages!) but is it a worthy beast. I couldn’t put it back on the shelf when I finished. I had to re-read some of it. So I did. I flipped through and re-read my favourite parts.

Maas writes in a lyrical way. The story moves along, with quick and nearly perfect pacing. Every scene, every moment has value to either plot or character development or both. And her dialogue. It’s fabulous. So much snark. I loved it.

Feyre grows and develops into a fierce woman. Tamlin’s and Lucien’s true colours reveal themselves. Rhysand and his cohorts move and breathe with history and power.

So much happens in the first book, ACOTAR. I didn’t know what to expect in book two, ACOMAF. Even not knowing what to expect, Maas picked me up and threw me around. My emotions flipped and flopped along with my stomach. I switched between tears and anger and lust. I’ve fallen in love with these characters, with their histories and their games and their grabs for power and for peace. I’ve been thrilled as they released their powers and their wit. I’m enthralled, really. And if you’ve read these stories, you probably are too.

And now the waiting game.

So, friends, how on earth are we going to survive until May 2017? I’ve already blocked my calendar off to reread both of these books next April in preparation for book three. I may end up rereading them in their entirety before then, though. Because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to them. Even if it is a temporary salut.

Have you read ACOTAR and ACOMAF? Tell me all your feels!


  1. I’ve read both books and reviewed them as well, and I agree with you! I’m on a really bad book hangover from ACOMAF and I just want it to be in my hands at all times. I loved it much more than ACOTAR, which I still enjoyed. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive 2017 because not one, but TWO of Sarah J. Maas’s books are coming to an end next year, and I don’t think that I can handle it.

    Oh, and I was so in love with ACOMAF that I bought a second version of it that includes the short story in it. Yup. Totally obsessed.

  2. I just finished reading both books in three days and now I have the biggest book hangover and WE HAVE SO LONG UNTIL BOOK THREE!! What are we going to do?!
    I’ll be honest – I didn’t really like ACOTAR. There was just so many plot holes and unexplained things that made me feel like it was a half-assed book. It wasn’t until I started getting deeper and deeper and deeper into ACOMAF that you really realized the magic that is Sarah J. Maas! It’s just so.. soo… IT’S MAGICAL TO READ! Oh gosh I fell so in love.
    (I was a Rhysand fan from the moment we met him at the Calanmai – I never liked Tamlin. GOOD RIDDANCE!).
    It’s asdflkjasdfljk. The feels, maan!
    I feel you. I miss these books already! :'(

  3. The acotar-madness has reached belgium as well! I bought the book just before my summer holliday… I literally couldn’t wait for my kids and husband 😝 to sleep.. Never expected the impact of the story.. I ordered on holiday! part two so it would be delivered on the day we were coming home… Now waiting and waiting and waiting for part three and the movie!

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