Welcome to the very first post in a brand new feature on trishajennreads–Bookish Community. Each month, I’ll feature a different guest blogger. The bookish community is incredibly welcoming and passionate and such a great place to be. Enjoy this opportunity to get to know more amazing book lovers.

This month’s guest blogger is Jess from Princessica of Books.


Ah, yes, hype. Also known as pre-peer pressure. Although it does raise some (alright, a lot) expectations, it’s also what got me into some of my favorite authors, books, and series.

I Read This!

3Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

How many times? 1 and a half (I’m on Goblet of Fire now and it’s my goal to finish my reread this year).

Is the hype real? Yes!


Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

How many times? Only once but I’d love to reread it!

Is the hype real? Yes, I swear on the River Styx!


The Selection Series by Keira Cass

How many times? First book twice, rest of the series once.

Is the hype real? Kind of.. I like the first three but did not particularly enjoy The Heir.


19063The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

How many times? Once.

Is the hype real? No, not really. I cried more during the movie than the book and honestly, I skimmed the last 20 pages or so.


The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

How many times? 3 times, I believe…?

Is the hype real? HECK YEAH. I love this book so much. It has remained my favorite standalone for four years now.


In the Middle of…

The Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

What book are you on? The Well of Ascension, the second book.

Liking it so far? Very much so! It’s just that the books are super long so I haven’t found the time to read and complete them all.


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

What book are you on? The Glass Sword, which is the second and latest book.

Liking it so far? Eh, it’s okay. I rated RQ 3.5 stars so I was not with the hype on this one. However, I think I’ll continue since I hear this one is much better.
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Falling Kingdoms Series by Morgan Rhodes

What book are you on? Frozen Tides, which is the fourth and latest book.

Liking it so far? Very much! I can’t wait to read this one after #ARCApril. I also have to read the prequel, both in preparation for the fifth (and final?) book which will come out in November.


Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

What book are you on? Heir of Fire, which is the third book.

Liking it so far? Yup! Surprisingly I actually liked the first book more than the second..

Haven’t Read Yet

17675462The Raven Cycle by Maggie Steifvater

Are you planning on reading it? Yes! I’ve checked it out at the library a couple of times but hopefully I can binge read the series this summer.


A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

Are you planning on reading it? Yes! I actually started it a while back on audiobook but I didn’t like the narrator. However, I really enjoyed the beginning so I’ll pick up a physical copy soon.


The Infernal Devices & Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Are you planning on reading it? No… Unfortunately, I don’t enjoy paranormal & her series are full of paranormal activity so I am not too interested in this one.


What do you think of these hyped books?


Jess from PrincessicaofBooksAbout the Author:

Jess is your local blogger, bibliophile, feminist, and a future cat-lady. She enjoys supporting her local library and absolutely adores indie bookstores. She also contributes to The Bookish Blog and posts every Friday. When she is not reading or doing any other bookish sorts, she is probably listening to Troye Sivan, tweeting (@PrincessicaOB), or doing schoolwork [yes, although she hates it, she is quite responsible]. Feel free to chat with her on Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram or email her at princessiccaaaa[at]gmail[dot]com. Yes, two c’s and four a’s.

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