This post was originally published in 2012. I’ve republished it here as part of Weekend Memories, a feature in which I dig through my archives for interesting old posts.

What is your favourite part of your living room?

What is the most important piece of furniture in your house? What do you sit and stare at the most when you are in your living room?

My answer: My bookshelves.

That’s right. Bookshelves. Not couch. Not television. Bookshelves.

BookshelvesMy brother came over the other day and said, “Your bookshelves really are the feature in this room.” This comment made me smile. Because that is what I intended.

I have coordinating black furniture, accenting throw pillows in greens, a lovely original painting I purchased from the artist in a market in Tanzania. But the feature of the room is my three six-foot-tall bookshelves.

My bookshelves are not just rows of books. They are a work of art in themselves. (At least I think so.) I spent hours assembling them, then organizing the books and accents. Then I spent a few days revising. Books, teacups, candles, photo frames, vases–it’s all part of the beauty of my bookshelves. If you’re wondering, yes there are far more books than anything else. 🙂


How do you organize your bookshelves?
Do books live wherever they end up? Or do you categorize them by genre, topic, author?

  1. YES! It’s funny, I actually was wishing recently that we had more space for another bookshelf. However, I still love my bookshelf. It ties with our DVD display case. Both displays tell my story through all the different stories (both books and films) that I’m drawn to as a person. You can tell a lot about someone by the books they read or the films they watch. It shows what stories resonate with the individual.

  2. My book shelves are double stacked. And then overloaded with knick knacks and trinkets from all over the world. Then there is a layer of photos of family and landscapes and memorable objects. People sometimes feel oppressed by how obvious I am about my identity.

    • Haha, the photo is of my old bookshelves before my husband and I merged our book collections and I had the money to buy more books and not wait until birthday or Christmas. Now my shelves are getting double stacked too!

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