Exercise Your Brain

It is often said that doing crosswords and other brain teasers is good for your brain. So is creative writing.

That said, as readers we often spend our time reading (also good for the brain!) and some of us rarely pick up the pen to try our hand at writing our own stories.

The other group of readers are those of us who are also writers. Many of us aspire to write and publish our own novels one day. But, as I’ve said before (here and here), writing is hard.

Our new feature on trishajennreads is hoping to help and make writing a little easier.

Wednesday Writing Prompt is a challenge for you and for me.

Every two weeks, I’ll post a writing prompt on Wednesday morning.

The challenge is to write a 250 to 500 word scene or story in response to it. I’ll participate and will post my response on Thursday.

You’re invited to to post your response in the comments of the response post. 

Then we can high five each other in our steps to having stronger brains and being better writers. Even if you don’t call yourself a writer, take a try at writing a prompt challenge and see if you enjoy it, see if your brain enjoys this alternative form of exercise.

The fun starts next week!

Do you have suggestions for prompts? Let me know!

  1. Such a great idea! I’ve never considered myself a writer or a poet (in a serious sense, anyways), but I’m interested in giving it a shot! Even if I don’t find what I write very good, I’ll definitely check out other people’s writing!
    No prompts from me – a surprise sounds like fun!

    • Hi Katelynn! Even if you don’t call yourself a writer definitely give it a try–some of the best writing I’ve read has come from non-writers. Plus, it’s just plain fun sometimes. 🙂

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