This post was published on trishajennreads’ old look and is still here so you relive the excitement of a redesign with me over and over again! 

So MANY updates! 

I am SO STOKED to tell you guys about my new site design. It’s launching next week, Friday, April 1! It ain’t no April Fools. It’s totally for real.

While we make the transition, things here will be pretty quiet (meaning no new posts until the new site is ready). But to keep you excited…here’s a teaser for you – the brand new trishajennreads logo!

black glasses with trishajennreads wordmark

Isn’t it fun? A friend helped me design it. He traced the line of my glasses so the logo glasses are the exact shape of my reading glasses. And yes, I got reading glasses at the age of 27 because I read too much and stare at a computer screen writing too much. Total booknerd cred, right?

New Site Design

The new site design is way more blog friendly, is super pretty, and is self-hosted by my wonderful husband. We’ve had a lot of fun designing it and updating old posts. It’s been a learning curve, that’s for sure, but it’s definitely worth it. The new blog is gorgeous and is just about ready.

New Features

I’m reorganizing my posts and my schedule to give you lovely readers more fun things to read during the week. The brand-new trishajennreads features include:

  • amWriting
  • amReading
  • Book Reviews
  • Wednesday Writing Prompts
  • Inspirations
  • Weekend Memories
  • Design Fridays
  • Book Hauls
  • Book Blogger Profiles
  • Bookish Wish Lists
  • Fangirl Fridays

You’ve already seen a few of these here on the old design, but they are going to be bigger and better soon. I’m thrilled to expand the blog to more fun things. It may take a while to get all of these going, but keep checking back over the next few months and hopefully you’ll find some posts you love.

New Newsletter

Are you ready?!

I want to stay in touch with y’all. Hopefully the WordPress plugin keeps us connected…but I’d also like to visit your inbox once a month or so with some exciting new content on what I’ve been up to, what the blog has been up to, and what to look forward to.

I’ll include things like

  • writing tips
  • reading ideas
  • popular blog posts
  • neat things to read from around the web
  • more ways to connect with the bookish community
  • exciting news about what’s coming up

If you’d like to stay in touch with trishajennreads (that’s me!) sign up for my monthly email newsletter today! Oh, and follow me on Twitter. I have a lot of fun there too.

So, that’s the update for me. It’s been over a month of planning, editing, writing, and techie stuff. I’m so freaking excited that the blog is on it’s way to being super gorgeous and hope you love it too. Check back next weekend for an all new, all gorgeous, trishajennreads.

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