If you do one online search for writing quotes, you’ll get quite a few responses–208,000,000 results in under a second, to be exact.

I discovered one that I quite liked.

Victor Hugo is one of the most well-known French authors. You may have heard of a book of his called The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Yes?

Well, Monsieur is attributed with stating, “a writer is a world trapped inside a person.”

This sounded so lovely to me, I had to put it on a design.

I kept this design simple for a reason. It is meant to encourage the writer, not distract. The glittering lights are meant to be inspirational and the warm yellow tones are welcoming and uplifting.

Take a look and see all the products that A Writer is a World Trapped Inside a Person fits on. 🙂

notebook with quote on it

You can find all my designs in my Redbubble shop at www.redbubble.com/people/trishajennreads/shop.

Which design is your favourite?

  1. Only ONE world? More like a million, all at the same time, all wiggling out through a different channel. If others believe I have multiple personalities I have to tell them, no, I’m part of a complex multiverse.

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