I’m a huge fan, HUGE, of reading to kids. Any kids. All kids.

Studies have shown that reading aloud to children has a gigantically positive affect on them. Having parents (and other adults) who read aloud to them increases a child’s vocabulary and school readiness. Reading aloud to a child helps with their brain development.

And, kids enjoy it! It’s quality time with the adults in their lives. Check out this cool infographic from Scholastic that says 83% of kids six to 17 enjoy being read to.

So, as the resident bookworm in my family and friend circles, I’ve taken it upon myself to make sure every kid gets at least a few good books.

When someone announces to me that they’re pregnant, I usually run out and buy a few board books – they are durable, and easy for pudgy baby fingers to grip.

I’ve focused my favourites list here to books that are cute and fun for kids, and entertaining for the parents reading them. These books are all wonderful for reading aloud, funny voices and sounds and all.

There are a few standard books that I think every child’s library should include:

Guess How Much I Love Youthomassnowsuit by Sam McBratney, illustrated by Anita Jeram. A friend gave this book to me once, and I fell in love. It is appropriate for both parents and kids, and friends. Cue the warm fuzzies.

Anything by Robert Munsch. I grew up reading his books. Murmel, Murmel, Murmel. The Paper Bag Princess. Thomas’ Snowsuit. So many great laughs.

Anything by Dr. Suess. Again, these books are hilarious and quirky, and just plain fun to read aloud. I absolutely love Horton Hears a Who.




My more recent, and lesser known, favourites are:

Toottoot by Leslie Patricelli. It’s adorable. Freaking adorable. I just bought four copies.

Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett, illustrated by Kevan J. Atteberry is pretty darn cute too. And fun. I’m always a sucker for tickles. Guaranteed giggles from the littles on this one.

Hug Machine by Scott Campbell is so sweet. I’m a hugger, so I love it. Not so huggy people, maybe not.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak is hilarious. It is a read aloud book perfect for elementary-age kids. And yes, B.J. was a writer, actor, director, and producer on The Office.


What are your favourite kids books?
Which ones are you so tired of that you’ve started hiding them from your kidlets?

  1. Hah, I love The Book With No Pictures. Another hilarious one (especially for parents to read) is It’s a Book! by, umm, a brilliant writer-illustrator whose name I can’t remember at the moment. My favourite Bob Munsch is Murmel Murmel Murmel – it makes me cry more than I Love You Forever! And it’s hilarious, of course.

  2. I totally agree with you 1000% my mom read to me as I child and fostered my love to read. And actually my first book obsession (the little house on the prairie) was read out loud to me by my 2nd grade teacher!

  3. Guess How Much I Love You is a favourite of mine … as is Toot! lol. We also love Goodnight Moon, anything by Oliver Jeffers (The Boy Who Caught a Star!), the picture books by Jon Klassen (I Want My Hat Back), anything by Sandra Boynton, Haiku Baby, and the Baby Lit Primers! My husband is also a fan of Walter the Farting Dog. Oh, and the Mouseton Abbey books are super fun!

    I love kid books … my littles are 2 and under so we read a lot of fun books. And I’m definitely the resident reader of all my friends so I’m always book giving!

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