man's feet and woman's feet under a table

Valentine’s Day may be past, but that doesn’t mean romance should die. Spending quality, focused time with one another is so, so, so important to a relationship. So, grab your book-loving significant other and wander hand-in-hand over to another date night this week.
Seriously, you married/long-term relationship folks, weekly date night is important. Do it. Here are some ideas.

A Date to the Bookstore 

I can’t tell you how many times my husband has taken me to a bookstore just because. It never fails to put a smile on my face.
If, however, you’re making this an actual date night, do some planning and put some effort in. Make a bookstore scavenger hunt, create tour of areas or book genres to go to, or simply wander and find your favourite books and introduce each other to them.

Book-themed Dinner and a Movie 

Do you know how many of Hollywood’s movies are based on books?
Me neither, but I’m sure the number is astronomical.
For an inexpensive, stay at home date night, theme your dinner and a movie around a book. Make dinner together, then snuggle up and watch the flick. Try Forrest Gump with shrimp gumbo for dinner and a box of chocolates for dessert. Or make breakfast for dinner, Matilda style and finish off with a giant chocolate cake.

Hot Chocolate Tour with Bookish Delights

On our first Valentine’s Day, my husband took me out for hot chocolate. The only thing that could have made that romantic evening in a coffee shop better, was sitting there reading a book together.
Look around, find a community with a few coffee shops and go for a stroll. Take your time and visit a few shops, sampling their hot chocolate specialties. My city even has a Hot Chocolate Festival in which independent shops compete for the most unique concoction. Take a book, cozy up in said shops, and read together.

Beer and Books

My husband and I spent a weekend away for our anniversary last year. And we spent a good portion of that weekend sitting in pubs, with a pint, and a book. Seriously, there are few things more relaxing than a quiet, low-lit pub, and a good read.
Invite your love out for an evening at the pub. You’ll probably want to avoid a game night, but otherwise, it can be a lot of fun to relax, read, drink, munch, and people watch.

What bookish dates have you been on? (Give me some more ideas, please!)