I’ve embarked on a new endeavour. It may or may not be a success, but I’m trying it anyway.

What is this new endeavour, you ask?

I, trishajennreads, have started selling designs on RedBubble.merchandise from trishajennreads' redbubble portfolio

That’s right. I’m not just a reader, writer, and editor. I’m a designer too.

Kind of.

I studied communications in university. My focus was on professional writing but I took a lot of courses on design as well. How something is designed has a huge impact on it’s readability and it’s use as a communication tool.

But…I’ve let my design skills (and my Adobe Creative skills) lax over the past few years. So, I came up with a way to encourage myself to spend a bit of time each week practicing my Photoshop or Illustrator skills – create fun bookish designs using quotes from books, and about books and reading.

I know there are a boatload of choices out there for neat bookish designs and products, but I’d appreciate it hugely if you took a moment to take a stroll over to RedBubble.com and see my portfolio. Let me know what you think, here in the comments or on Twitter. 🙂

This is another creative outlet for me and I’m have so much fun doing it. (And I’ve already made a sale! Woohoo!) I think it’s already increasing the flow of my creative juices. I wrote more the other night than I’ve written in weeks.

What ways do you have to help relax your mind and spawn creativity?

    • Trisha Jenn Loehr says:

      Hi Gab! Thanks so much! You’re too sweet. 🙂 Sometimes I sketch out an idea, but I usually use fonts and graphic elements that others have already created. It’s fun to use their puzzle pieces to make something of my own.

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