I spend far too much time scrolling through Twitter. But, I often find little nuggets of wisdom. Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite twitter writing tips from the past few weeks.

1. Being a writer is all about courage.

courage 2. Adding zombies into your editing regime makes editing more interesting.


3. All your characters are important and need to be fully thought out.


4. Thinking about things from a positive angle really can help make daunting tasks manageable.


5. We all suffer from moments of self-doubt. That’s why we need to keep encouraging one another.


6. Being a writer is always interesting.


7. Just like bringing any dream into reality, writing is hard and takes a lot of time and energy.


8. Plain language ideas aren’t new – even Aristotle was talking about it.


9. Sometimes flipping a problem on its head can make a big difference.


10. Taking a break to read someone else’s work is exactly what we need to do sometimes.


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Where do you find inspiration or writing tips?

  1. You have found great twat here. I am reminded of Sherlock Holmes and his eyeballs in the fridge when I read #6.

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