Reading is an enjoyment that is entirely personal.

A friend once told me that the books she read were not something I would enjoy. I couldn’t believe her. I enjoy such a variety of books that unless she was reading horror stories (I’m scared of the dark…), I couldn’t fathom a genre of book that I would not enjoy sampling, at least a little.

Whatever you choose to read or write, OWN IT.

Own that it entertains you, brings you joy, relaxes you, informs you.

What are you currently reading? 

  1. Currently attempting a 339 book list. Recent books included:

    Diary of a young girl – Anne Frank
    1989- George Orwell
    -the adventures of huckleberry Finn -mark twain
    – Angela’s ashes – frank McCourt
    Alice in wonderland – Lewis Carroll
    And most currently
    Catcher in the rye -JD Salinger

    Really enjoying the diversity of this list even if I end up disliking some, others really opens my eyes to genres I wouldn’t normally go to.

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