If you’ve been reading my  blog for any length of time you’ll know I love reading and writing. Well, I love them so much, I read and write for other people too!

Hi! I’m Trisha Jenn Loehr. I’m an editor and a writer. I can help you look good. Either by making your writing the best it can be or by writing for you. Good, clean copy will sell your product or business to your customers.

As an editor, my goal is to make my clients’ message as clear, concise, and clean as possible. I try to do the same in my own writing.

Take a look at the editing & writing services that I offer (links are in the menu up top). I can help you with web copy, brochure copy, or larger projects like reports and books.

After you’ve checked out my services, email me to get a personalized quote on your editing or writing project. My prices are based on the length and complexity of the individual job.

For a sample of my writing and some of the things I care about, check out my Hire Me section.

It’s lovely to meet you! I’d love to work together.

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