In April I wrote about my newfound love for podcasts. Specifically, my discovery of some bookish podcasts. They’ve been lovely companions on my walks to and from work, my cleaning and dishwashing buddies at home, and my road trip friends.

But, I must confess something.

I have fallen far behind on my podcast listening.

I have fully discovered audiobooks.

I have a friend who, for years, has sworn by audiobooks. She’s an artist who paints or draws and listens while she creates.

For me, audiobooks seemed expensive and difficult to get. Plus, I’ve always enjoyed seeing the words on the page, reading at my own pace.

Then I started walking 35 minutes to work and 35 minutes home. I ran out of new podcasts to listen to. I also had a 16 hour road trip coming up.

I’d heard about this website and app called and that they gave away one month trials, that included a free audiobook.

So I thought–why not? Let’s try it! Decision made. It was time to give audiobooks a real try.

Since April, I’ve listened to:

I’ve also downloaded another 50 hours of audiobooks by adding:

It’s a bit of an eclectic mix, eh?

Of the four I’ve already listened to, my favourite has to be The Silver Linings Playbook. The story came to life even more than during 2013’s Oscar-winning film.

And yet, all four were difficult to pause when I got to the office or arrived at my apartment after my walk. Three of the books made me choke back tears (can you guess which one didn’t?). They are all worth a read.

Silver Linings just grabbed me whole-heartedly. I compared it to the movie, yes, but it was much more whole in book form. The E-A-G-L-E-S chant got on my nerves–it’s the part your eyes skip over once you’ve read it once but are unable to skip if someone is reading the text to you.

Pat Peoples, the main character, would not leave my head for weeks after I finished that book. Whether I read his story with my eyes or with my ears, that’s a sign of a strong character and a strong emotional connection.

What are your recommendations for audiobooks, friends?


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