While reading Neil Pasricha’s The Book of Awesome Things, a few entries have really resonated with me.

1. Popping Bubble Wrap

I have a whole drawer of bubble wrap at my office. I’m like a five-year-old child grinning with glee very time I pull it out and POP!

2. Bakery air

When I see a Cobs Brad, I have to go in. Just to take a deeeep breath in through my nose to inhale that fresh, sweet scent of warm bread. Mmm… yummy.

3. Taking your bra off after wearing it for hours

Yes. Just yes. Pure, blissful freedom.

4. Old, dangerous playground equipment

I work for a non-profit organization that does its best to promote wellness and healthy living, especially for kids. I look at the new playgrounds and don’t wonder why kids don’t play there. Once over the age of about four-years-old, the playgrounds are boring! They’re low, full of railings and short, plastic slides. There’s no adventure. Bring on the heights, the ladders, the hot metal slides and treacherous monkey bars!


If you’ve read Pasricha’s book or website, which awesome things resonated most for you?

  1. These are great – I relate to all of these, especially #3 & #4. I remember when playgrounds were dangerous, but I don’t remember anyone getting hurt on them! I’m pretty sure our monkey bars were over a blacktop!

    • I’m glad to hear others relate to them too. 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

      I’ve heard some studies of schools that removed rules at recess and allowed more “dangerous” playgrounds and games. Injuries and bullying went down, grades and attention spans went up.

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