Feel Good Books


Some books just put a smile on your face. Some books make you realize or remember the good things in your life. Some books make you appreciate the little joys and recognize that things really aren’t as bad as you sometimes think.

The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha is one such book.

  • Some books make you cry.
  • Some books make you reflect.
  • Some books make you think really hard.
  • Some books make you smile.
  • Some books make you laugh.

Some books make you do all of these things.

The Book of Awesome is this book. Except for the crying part. Unless you’re crying from laughing too hard.

And, according the inter webs, there are two more of them.

Oh joy! Oh joy!

Neil did a neat thing when he began his website.

For him, it was an escape from a reality that was starting to get him down. For others, it became that too–a place to share the little joys of life. To find or share a little pick me up.

His style is quirky. It’s fun. It’s silly. The book is nostalgic in the best way possible. I’m thoroughly enjoying the memories and the laughs.

Do you have a favourite awesome things from Neil’s book or website?

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