I’m one chapter in and I’m already loving it! Short, succinct, fragmented sentences. Aiden’s inner turmoil is felt. His journey is beginning and I’m coming right along with him.

Eastbound Sailing by Todd Foley was published a few years ago and I’m just getting to it now.

One chapter in and I’m already berating myself for waiting so long to read it.

I’ll post a full review when I’ve finished the novel. But I couldn’t resist sharing with the world how it’s already pulling me in.

Learn more about Eastbound Sailing and its author, Todd Foley, by visiting scribbledrevisions.com.

book, Eastbound Sailing by Todd Foley

Update: I really enjoyed this book. It was intriguing, emotional, and fast-paced without feeling rushed. The setting was described in such a way that I felt connected and immersed. The characters were unique, interesting, and developed.

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