I walk to work.

When I was applying for jobs after my last contract ended I had four requirements on my job wish list:

  1. I will get to use my writing skills
  2. I will be able to care about what I’m doing and feel like I’m helping people
  3. It will be long term – not a maternity leave or other short term contract
  4. I will be able to walk to work in 40 minutes or less

Pretty simple. Limiting, yes, but also guiding.

I still applied to nearly 80 positions. Almost all charities. Almost all communications and writing positions. All walkable.

I found a great position. Joined a fantastic team. Am learning a ton. And I’m feeling like I’m contributing to a good cause.

And I get to walk to and from work every day.

But walking for 35-40 minutes can get a little boring sometimes.

So, I decided to try listening to some podcasts.

Nerdy Podcasts

My best friend and my husband are both nerds. They listen to nerdy podcasts about video games and technology. I tried out a few of their favourite podcasts but didn’t fall in love.

And then… I stumbled upon a collection of book podcasts. It’s my own kind of nerdy. puts out two lovely podcasts:

  • Bookriot – a weekly show about what’s happening in the world of books
  • Dear Book Nerd – a bi-weekly show that answers questions related to books, reading, and life

bookriot   dear_book_nerd_logo










My walks to and from work have become immensely more interesting and fun.

I’ve started listening to these two podcasts and can’t get enough. I’m slowly going through all their old episodes. (I’ve also started spending much more time on the internet thanks to their website….)

Can you, dear blog readers, recommend any other great book or writing podcasts that I can listen to on my way to or from work?

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