Unpublished Reading


A friend of a friend has an unpublished novel that has made rounds with some publishers but hasn’t clinched a deal. He decided to take the risk of having some folks take a look at it and give him some feedback.

Thanks to the friend of a friend connection, I get to read this work. I’m 85 pages in and I’m loving it. 

Beta Reading

To read through someone’s unfinished work is an honour.

It is a task I do not take lightly.

I have my red pen and I’m leaving notes as thoughts come to me. Some are simply – “I love this paragraph!”, others are – “would an 18 year old boy use this phrase?”and others are –”I’m confused, expand on this” or “wasn’t his name spelled differently four pages ago?”

Oh my goodness – this is so much fun.

Dream Job

As I read through, give my thoughts and make brief and simple edits, I am realizing that as much as I love my job this would be an ideal job for me.manuscript

Perhaps one day reading unpublished works and giving feedback (I hesitate to use the term edit, but beta-reading fits) could indeed be my occupation. I feel useful. I feel needed. I’m having fun.

As it is, I truly hope that my comments are helpful to this friend of a friend of mine. Who knows, maybe after I finish reading his work and he finds my comments helpful I will be able to call him friend without adding the extra qualifiers.

Until then, as I keep reading and commenting, friend of a friend – thank you for giving me this opportunity and for trusting me with your baby. And–most importantly–congratulations on completing a novel!

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