It’s amazing how life happens, isn’t it?

So much can happen so quickly. In the past year I have started dating a guy, become engaged, gotten married, moved, sold my car, started a new job, gone to two funerals, gone on two road trips, flown to the Caribbean and back, and started using an e-reader for the first time.

Yeah, a lot of stuff – I know.

The crazy part is, I wouldn’t have life any other way.

I love the twists, the suddenness of things and the surprises that throw me for a loop. For example – my new husband. We were friends. For years. For more than 10 years. And then one day it just kind of clicked, “hey, he’s husband material”. And then he asked me to go on a real date rather than just hang out together and now here we are, less than a year later, hitched.

That’s life. Crazy twists, things that don’t appear to make sense until you look back on them, things that don’t seem important until you think about them months or even years later.

That’s fiction too.

Some readers get frustrated when an author throws them for a loop – kills a character, brings in a relationship that doesn’t seem to make sense, a character with a giant flaw that comes out at a critical time, or who acts seemingly out of character.

A well-written book should make us fret, make us angry, make us want to yell at the character or the author “What are you doing?!”. Tears while reading a story are a good thing!

A well-written book should reflect the craziness that is real life.

Reality is unpredictable. Sometimes people do act out of character. Sometimes the people who know them best are surprised by their actions or thoughts. People change their minds. People grow, and people make repeat mistakes. Plot twists happen. A lot.

So my philosophy on it is: just enjoy the ride. Shake your head in disbelief, yell, cry, throw the book across the room. But then get up, walk over, pick it up and keep reading. That’s life.

What books have made you most angry? Most sad?

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