Name of the Wind coverDo you like talking with people about the books you read?

My boyfriend lent me his favourite book a couple of months ago, and then when I liked it, bought me the second in the series for my birthday. They were great reads! An intriguing storyline, interesting characters, and a backwards timeline that makes you want to keep reading to figure out how the main character ended up where he is.

And on top of a great story, it’s been fun to discuss the novels, while reading, with my boyfriend.

However, I have a frustration to share.
Are you ready?

You sure?

Okay, I’ll tell you.

The author makes me angry!!!!

Having to wait for the next instalment is incredibly difficult.

I want to know what happened to make Kvothe into the person he is as he tells his story. But – the author, Patrick Rothfuss, hasn’t finished the story yet. The third novel of the Kingkiller Chronicles has yet to be released. Some say it hasn’t even been written yet.

Please Pat, Mr. Rothfuss, please complete the third instalment soon. I’m begging you. I know good, quality storytelling can’t be rushed… so I’m not sure why I’m trying to rush you. My apologies.

The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear are both ridiculously long, 800 page monstrosities.

Of greatness.

But there is so much detail and so many characters that waiting between reading , I fear, will make it difficult to understand the third novel. Even reading them back to back was difficult to remember all the intricacies of some of the anecdotes and characters.

If you like medieval or fantasy literature with humour, romance, daring feats, magic, legend and such, you should read these books. I thoroughly enjoyed them and am waiting eagerly for the next instalment.

Until then, my boyfriend and I will have to continue discussing our theories…

  1. Stefan Petersen says:

    I bet Kvothes old teacher Ben is gunna come back some how. That would be awesome. Also maybe the chsandrian are actually good? They tried to do good things hundreds of years ago and are now in hiding from the Amyr who are trying to kill them off. They go to great measures to ensure the illusion of their lack of existence by killing anyone who spreads rumors. And he could start a war by the king being so pissed that he’s using his whole flipping treasury to pay for school haha.

  2. I read the first book in this series couple of weeks back, and knowing that the third book is not yet out, I am going to hold off on the second one. I hate when I read the last book and realize I have forgotten most of the plot from the first one.

    • Hi Nish,

      Waiting for the third book is difficult! But I really enjoyed the second and will probably re-read before the third book comes out. That said, I’m still able to get some more of the characters as I just purchased Patrick Rothfuss’ new book, The Slow Regard of Silent Things. It takes place in the same universe but is mainly about Auri, I believe. I’m excited to listen to it, as I bought the audiobook narrated by Pat Rothfuss himself!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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