I’ve been writing out my blog posts by hand lately. I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s because I want to use up the pages in my old school notebook. The spiral-bound, cardboard-covered book is slowly getting thinner and thinner.

Or maybe it’s just something different, and lets my thoughts flow differently than when I’m staring at a computer screen and using both hands to type on a clacking keyboard.

What is it about writing by hand, with a pen or pencil instead of a computer, that makes the process so interesting and…. dare I say, magical?

You’re not thinking about the way the words or paragraphs look. They are just words and ideas.

You’re not worrying about spelling mistakes or grammar, because you know that you can and will fix those when you type it up to input it into whatever document, be it blog or email or booklet or brochure or whatever, that people will see.

No one else will see your scribbles; the notebook isn’t the final product.

Writing by hand transforms the act of writing back to its predecessor journaling.

It makes writing something that is more for you alone and less for an anticipated audience.

For me, writing by hand transforms writing back into free-writing. It’s fun. It’s free. It’s simply thoughts flowing from mind to paper.

I think I should write with pen and paper more often.

I think I’ll go write in my notebook now.

What methods or tools for writing work best for you? 


  1. Hi Trisha, like you I do a lot of writing on paper for work and brainstorming. Here's an insight about the magic of pen & paper I feel is true.Imagine a carpenter working on their workbench and having a calculator, board games, cellphone, mail, and TV lying on their table along with their carpentry tools – it's very distracting. That's what a computer can be like when you're writing. The pen and paper helps you focus on writing and as you said, it's fun and free!

  2. Thank you Justin for a great illustration! That makes a lot of sense.Over the past few weeks I've realized that I need to work on my other projects with pen and paper too. I'm excited to try out a new system for working on my novel-in-progress, with colour-coded notebooks to keep me organized.Thanks for reading! (And for commenting! 🙂

  3. i agree with what justin has said ^^, computers are very distracting (hell, i’m distracting myself from my homework right now!). i also feel like when i’m writing on paper i can see exactly how much i’ve written and i can easily show it whereas on the computer all you have is a page count (if that makes sense). and i can also write much faster by hand, which is convenient.

    • Computers (and cell phones) can be so distracting! I often find just turning the Internet off helps.

      I find some days I can write faster by hand but sometimes it gets so messy I have trouble reading what I’ve written! I tend to self edit less when writing by hand. You?

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