coffee table and chair

In no particular order,

My six favourite places to read are,

  • Coffee shop
  • Bookstore
  • Bed
  • Beach
  • Sofa in a sunny window
  • Sofa-chair in front of the TV with my family

I find some places really conducive to getting lost in a book. Other places aren’t as helpful. They’re not as comfortable, or they’re filled with too many distractions, or are just plain loud.
My list is a collection of my favourite places to read. That doesn’t mean I don’t read in other places too.
I’ve read a novel while standing in line at the bank, while waiting for the bus or subway, while waiting at the doctor’s office. I’ve read in the car while my mom shopped. I’ve pulled out my book at stoplights and in traffic jams (I wasn’t driving!).
Take a look, and then add to the list with your favourite places to read!

1. Coffee shops

I love the hustle and bustle of a busy coffee shop. I know, cliché phrases abound. But I do love it. I enjoy the environment because it spurs me to feel part of community and yet also individual and solo. The background noise filters me away from reality and into whatever I’m reading, and the comfy chair or cozy corner allow me to escape whatever nasty weather may be outside.

And, it’s never a bad thing to have a steaming chai and some little treats to keep you warm and sweet while you search around Hogwarts, or do aid work in Africa, or search for a husband at a collection of English country balls.


2. Bookstores

It sounds bad… but I enjoy sitting in a bookstore and reading the first chapter or two of a book before I buy it. It’s a bit of a thrill, and it’s just nice to be surrounded by pages and pages of books of every shape, size, and colour.

Now a coffee shop inside a bookstore, that’s almost heaven.

3. Bed, in the morning

I hate getting out of bed in the morning. I’m always so cozy and drowsy, all wrapped up in my fluffy duvet with warm, gentle sunshine peeking through the window.

If I read before bed at night, I don’t go to sleep. But if I pick up my book in the morning and ease myself into the day by immersing myself in someone else’s day – it makes getting up a little bit easier, and starts the day with something lovely.  


4. Beach, on a chaise lounge

As fun as lounging on the beach on a large towel with a cushion of sand is, I much prefer the chaise lounge. It has a back rest, and I can still stretch my legs out or fold them up in front of me. Basically, it’s much more comfortable, and allows me to get even sun exposure on both my belly and my back.

The warm sunshine, the cool ocean breeze and the soundtrack of real waves breaking against the sand…oh… I wish I was back in Hawaii. My last trip to the Islands lasted ten days, I read nine books. It was glorious.


5. Sofa in a sunny window

If you haven’t noticed already, I love sunshine. It fills me with warmth, inside and out. Sitting on a comfy, cushy seat in a bright window is one of the best ways to spend a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. No computer, no cellphone, no other people, no distractions.


6. Sofa-chair in front of the TV, with my family

It sounds weird, I know. But it’s a great way to be with my family, even when I’m not interested in the sporting event, TV show, or movie they’re watching. It’s a hard way to actually get into the book, or read quickly, but it’s fun to still be involved in the conversation of my parents or my brothers. You feel as though you are all spending time together, even if you’re all doing different activities. You’re at least all in the same room.

Where are your favourite places to get lost in a book?