Over the last few weeks I’ve been focusing on other forms of writing. Sadly, blogging was put aside for homework (essays/papers), and resumés and cover letters.

Essays & Papers

As I’ve been back in school this past year I’ve had to get back to doing homework. Although my classes are studio-based (we’re dancing not listening to lectures), we still have a mandatory written component to each class.

I’ve had to write reviews of dance performances, analyses of dancers, biographies of choreographers and analyses of specific dance movements and styles.

Academic papers, even reflection papers based on an experience, are challenging.

There’s a fine line between good writing and poor writing in academia. I also find a fine line between trying to sound smart and writing as a normal person. All of my writing classes (and thus most of the writing you’ve seen, dear readers) focus on writing as you speak. How does this translate into papers written for a dance class?

Over my spring break at the end of February my goal was to complete as many assignments as possible. I was successful in completing four!

My favourite assignments this term?

My Children’s Literature assignments!

I’ve had the opportunity to read Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White and Matilda by Roald Dahl. My textbook, A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature by Rebecca Lukens is a wonderful resource that is helping me in my own writing by outlining the importance of style, tone, plot, character and the devices used by authors to embody these facets in their writing.

Resumés & Cover Letters

My other focus in the last few weeks has been working on streamlining my resumé/CV and crafting individual cover letters for some job applications. My time in Toronto is almost up and I’m excited to head back to Alberta and enter back into the world of helping people by working with a non-profit organization.

Searching for job openings is difficult. There are so many and yet so few that ignite that spark of excitement within my belly that aligns with my head and heart saying, “I would love being a part of this organization and doing these tasks.” After that spark ignites, I often find the specifications that require the applicant to have five or more years of experience, or a master’s degree, or another item that discounts me from the running.

However, I have found a few exciting opportunities and have entered my name in the pot. I’m hoping and praying that I get a call or an email, soon. The organizations I have applied to are seeking communications staff or administrative staff. In both types of roles I’ll get to do some writing, and more importantly, help people.

Overall, the last few weeks have been exhausting! Academic papers and convincing cover letters are tiring tasks. And they’re not over. I have at least three more papers to complete for school and I’m keeping my eye out for job opportunities too.

What types of writing have you been working on?

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