The Blue Castle


Time for another update on my bookshelf!

On Sunday evening I finished reading L.M. Montgomery’s The Blue Castle. I love this novel! The imagery, the storyline of escape and hope and new life. The sarcasm and mockery of those who are so in themselves they fail to see or understand reality. Everyone has heard of L.M. Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables but few have heard of Blue Castle.

Believe me, it’s as good if not better than Anne!

I have read this book before. I admit. I am rereading.

I like to reread a book between every few new books I read. Some people never reread books or re-watch movies. I love rereading and re-watching! Why? Because rereading allows you to see bits and understand aspects that you didn’t see the first time. You might not have caught them, or maybe didn’t see them at all, or maybe did see them but didn’t have time to look them over and think on them.

Montgomery does a wonderful job in Blue Castle of description and the eloquence that a person can have in their head, and how things come out wrong sometimes. She also demonstrates the amount of information the mind can process in an instant and how this leads to pre-judgments on others.

What have you reread lately?

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