I’m a book coach for women romance writers.

I love stories with happily ever after endings.
And I love helping women write them.

Writing fiction isn’t easy and too often we think we have to do it all on our own.

If you,

  •  can’t figure out how to get started,
  • are trying to figure out if you’re a plotter or a panster,
  • are stuck in the saggy middle trying to make progress to the ending,
  • or are struggling to make your WIP a priority in your schedule.

You might need

  • some regular check-ins,
  • feedback on your writing,
  • someone to chat through your story or writing process with,
  • someone to guide you through the the writing and publishing world.

A book coach can help.

I help women like you build confidence and writing skills while writing the swoony romance stories you love. And I help you do it without any guilt or shame.

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